Whether you are concocting perfumes and air fresheners, adding scents to toiletries and cosmetic items, or masking unwanted odors in various products, we can provide you with a quality selection of fragrances.

Leaning towards a floral or fruity direction? Exploring on oriental or fougere fragrances?We can help you find that perfect scent for your products. We also go the extra mile by assisting you with recommended formulations, and market trends to help your business bloom

Numerous clients use our fragrances in a variety of applications which include perfume and eau de toilette, toiletries, dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioners, household cleaners, lubricants, and even paint and ink!

Aside From Fragrances we also have a wide variety of Flavors to choose from. The natural and nature-identical flavors come in liquid and powder form, which you can use in a variety of products such as juices, confectionery, savory products, pharmaceuticals, and even animal feeds!

Inquire with us today for your flavoring needs!


Water and Oil Emulsion Powder Liquor
Almond flavor Amise flavor
Apple flavor Apricot flavor
Banana flavor
Blackcurant flavor
Butter flavor Cherry flavor
Cassia twig oil flavor
Chocolate flavor
Cola flavor
Cocoa flavor
Milk&egg flavor
Cocoanut flavor
Coffer flavor
Cream flavor
Cream coffee flavor
Kiwi flavor
Eucalyptus leaf flavor
Ginger flavor
Grape flavor
Hazelnut flavor
Jasmin flavor
Milk flavor
Honey flavor
Jujube flavor
Longan flavor
Osmanthus flavor
Lemon flavor
Licorice flavor
Litchi flavor
Orange flavor
Mango flavor
Lemon-lime flavor
Hami-melon flavor

Cloudifer apple emulsion flavor
Blackcurrant emulsion flavor
Cola emulsion flavor
Cocoanut emulsion flavor
Litchi emulsion flavor
Orange emulsion flavor
Mango emulsion flavor
Peach emulsion flavor
Orange juice emulsion flavor
Condensed milk emulsion flavor
Apricot emulsion flavor
Banana emulsion flavor
Cherry emulsion flavor
Kiwi emulsion flavor
Grape emulsion flavor
Hami melon emulsion flavor
Hawthan emulsion flavor
Passionfruit emulsion flavor
Pomegranate emulsion flavor
Cola powder flavor
Cocanut powder flavor
Orange powder flavor
Pineapple powder flavor
Shrimp powder flavor
Clam powder flavor
Fish powder flavor
Apricor flavor brandy flavor
Cherry flavor cherry brandy flavorr
Orange powder flavor
Gin flavor
Rum flavor
Whisky flavor
White spirits flavor
Glutinous rice wine flavor
Pomegranate wine flavor

Toothpaste Flavor Season Flavor Others
Banana flavor
Lemon flavor
Orange flavor
Pineapple flavor
Spearmint flavor
Red bayberry flavor
Strawberry flavor

Beef flavor
Ham flavor
Chicken flavor
Pork flavor
Shrimp flavor
Mushroom flavor
Tomato flavor
Soy sauce flavor
Cucumber flavor
Sesame flavor
Crab flavor
Clam flavor
Napkin paper flavor
Apple flavor for detergent
Banana flavor for rubber
Jasmine flavor for glue
Jasmine tea flavor
Jasmine flavor
Lemon flavor for detergent
Orange flavor for candle
Pineapple flavor for rubber
Strawberry flavor for rubber
Vanilla flavor for candle
Vanilla flavor for rubber


Product Odor Uses
Michelia alba leaf oil
Characteristic michelia alba leaf odor
Used in jasmine, muguet, michelia, chypre, oriental fragrances and also used in lichee, peach, apricot flavors

Special grade patchouli oil ( M.D grade)

Heavy, Soft, Patchouli-like

Used in sandalwood, chypre, oriental fragrance compounds, and it is a very well fixative

Drug grade patchouli oil

Heavy, Soft, Patchouli-like

Used in preparation of Chinese traditional medicine, also used in soap, cosmetic fragrances.

Michelia alba concrete

Fresh, Floral, Michelia alba-like

Used in fragrance compositions and also used in tea, floral type flavor compositions.

Michelia alba flower oil

Floral, Characteristic michelia alba-like

Used in the expensive fragrance compositions

Jasmine concrete

Fresh, Floral, Jasmine-like

Used in perfume, cosmetic, soap fragrances also used in tea, mango, chocolate flavor compositions

Jasmine absolute

Fresh, Natural, Jasmine-like

Used in perfume, cosmetic, soap fragrances also used in tea, mango, chocolate flavor compositions

Jasminum grandiflorum concrete

Floral, Jasminum grandiflorum-like

Used in perfume, cosmetic, soap fragrances.

Jasminum grandiflorum absolute

Floral, Jasminum grandiflorum-like

Used in perfume, cosmetic, soap fragrances.

Angelica absolute

Powerful, Herbal, Sweet, Characteristic angelica-like

Used in herb type fragrances and some kinds of flavor compositions

Aglaia odorata absolute

Characteristic aglaia odorata-like

Used in perfume, cosmetic, soap fragrances and tobacco flavor compositions.

Cocoa tincture

Characteristic cocoa-like

Used in food and tobacco flavors.

Chrysanthemum tincture

Characteristic chrysanthemum-like

Used in food and tobacco flavors.

Tonka bean tincture

Fresh, Sweet, Soft, Bean-like

Used in tobacco flavors and perfume fragrances.

Angelica officinalis tincture

Characteristic angelica officinalis-like

Used in tobacco flavors.

Longan tincture

Characteristic longan-like

Used in tobacco and food flavors.

Rose tincture

Hay, Sweet, Rose-like

Used in fragrance compositions

Trigonella foenum-graecum tincture

Characteristic trigonella foenum-graecum-like

Used in tobacco flavors.


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